‘I’m shaking’: Fire destroys Perth salon

Your business is very valuable but the damage a fire could do to you and your business is dramatic; this is why you must get an insurance and be fully focused on preventing fire and ensuring there is fire safety in your premises at all times.

When talking about keeping safe, your workplace and your employees should be your number one priority as these are the foundations that make your business up and running. By adding fire prevention devices and some safety awareness, you can ensure to get peace of mind that your staff and premises are safe from dangers.

You may also look for someone who is highly trained in workplace safety and can help you know how to protect your business from fire. In addition, you should also know how to guarantee that you are meeting legal regulations provided by the City of Perth authorities.

Ensuring that the lives of your employees are not in jeopardy is the primary obligation of an employer; your people should not be exposed to intolerable risk while resorting to premises or in the employ of others. Therefore, it is your number one duty to make sure that your workplace or office is safe from natural calamities, criminals, and fire.

Next to your life and your workers’ lives, you also need to protect your assets from fire. You should know that there are some businesses that were unfortunate enough to suffer a fire incident and never able to resume their operations. Even a small fire can cause severe disruption and money, more so if the fire torches all of your valuable business assets. Imagine how much money it could cost you.

If your business provides a unique or vital service, the loss of that provision can have a severe detrimental effect on the local community or in some cases a much wider area. Not only to you and the people involved in your business, but fire can also have a huge negative effect to your community.

Just like recently, a salon based in Ellenbrook, in Perth’s northeast, was burned and destroyed by fire. The fire hit a beauty salon on the second story of a shared building, above a veterinary clinic.

Read the full story by clicking this link: https://www.9news.com.au/national/2018/05/05/22/07/perth-fire-rips-through-business

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