Why Steph Curry and Steve Kerr Are Among the World’s Greatest Leaders

Becoming a good leader is not all about being famous or being the start athlete. If you are famous, you are just famous. Or if you are the star athlete, you are just the best player on your team.

In fact, you are not even a leader if you are the boss, the owner, or even the person on top of an organisation. All these things are simply positions and keep in mind that positions do not make you any more of a leader than non-positions. So what does it take to be a leader or more importantly a great leader?

Great leaders are tough to find. But when you find a great leader, it seems that his or her subordinates are doing everything to follow him or her.

On the other hand, only few employees are lucky enough to work with a great leader. So how do you know how to be a great leader if you never have had an example? First of all, becoming a good leader is to be a good example to your team. You need to become a great example to those who are around you, and to all who see you. You also have to do what tell everyone else to do.

Last NBA season, the entire basketball world was stunned by the Golden State Warriors who won the World Championship. The Warriors is course led by Stephen Curry and their head coach Steve Kerr.

Check out this article and learn why Curry and Kerr among the world’s greatest leaders: http://fortune.com/2016/03/24/steph-curry-steve-kerr-golden-state-warriors-great-leaders

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